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    May 25, 2011

    The A.V. Club Interviews Rebecca Skloot

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    Another great interview with Rebecca Skloot, this one with the A.V. Club (Chicago). In it, Rebecca answers often-asked questions about writing The Immortal Life and working with the Lacks family. She also gives unique insight into her countless hours of science research (which included a petrified rat!):

    A.V. Club: You spent a lot of time with Henrietta’s children to learn about their mother and their quest to learn about the cells. What other research did you do?

    Rebecca Skloot: Much of my research for the science part was reading journal articles and interviewing scientists. Johns Hopkins has a George Gey [the scientist who bred the HeLa cell line] archive. They have 12 to 15 boxes of stuff in this room. There were thousands of letters that weren’t indexed, so I sat down and read them all. Then there was this paraffined rat from the ’50s with tumors all over it. I pulled it out, saying, “This is great!” But the people in the library were like, “Eww!”

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