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    May 3, 2009

    Just in Time for Swine Flu season: Designer Respirator Masks!


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    Yes, that’s right folks, the end of the world is near, but at least we won’t look silly wearing our N95 respirator masks.  No.  Thanks to Flu Fashion Respirators, we can now avoid swine flu and other plagues while looking like … bandits from cheesy western movies! Or … better yet … hippie bandits!  And we can even get designer swine flu respirator masks for the family dog (never mind that dogs can’t get the swine flu — we wouldn’t want them to feel left out). What could possibly go better with an over-hyped pandemic threat than
    fashion accessories?  This press release speaks for itself:

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New Swine Flu Protection Product

    Look Great, Breath Easier and Protect Yourself in Style with New FLU Fashion Respirators

    New!  Just in time for Swine FLU season.  Now you can look great and breathe the air with maximum protection. Don’t count on cheap disposable masks to protect you against the swine flu.  The best available protection in a face respirator comes from the unique newly designed high fashion NIOSH Surgical N95 Particulate Respirators (Masks) which uphold a filtration level and fluid resistance universally recognized in the prevention of the inhalation of airborne microorganisms.

    FLU FASHION Respirator Masks add style, form and N95 function in one easy product.  FLU Fashion Respirators come in a set of 3 with an assortment of bright patterns and solid colors.

    In-studio live, on camera demonstrations (with Jay Ginsberg and his wife Lesley along with the dog Solomon) available on request

    18 Responses to “Just in Time for Swine Flu season: Designer Respirator Masks!”

    1. Matt says:

      Little ridiculous…considering you will most likely get the swine flu even if you are wearing one of these.

    2. tomasz. says:

      “it’s a signal to others that you’re being careful, conscientious and thus safe to be around.”
      It’s a signal to me that the wearer is gullible and susceptible to hype and thus should be given a wide berth.

    3. Omer Altay says:

      I think those masks have a huge psychological negative impact on the people around you. Makes everyone uncomfortable.

    4. Lab Rat says:

      That’s true, I guess, not even the prettiest of masks are going to be much good. But in a situation like this, there are really always going to be people trying to cash in; at least colourful flu masks are more fun and less damaging than fake internet tamiflu.
      Having been to the website though, I do feel kindof pissed off. They are claiming that their pretty-masks are actually BETTER SCIENTIFIC PROTECTION which is wrong and unfair. I thought they were just calling it an attractive way to wear the same protection.

    5. Janne says:

      There’s more reasons to wear a mask than actual protection. It’s a security blanket for a lot of people; they may know it’s useless in practice but it gives them a way to do something – anything – about a situation they have no control over. And it’s a signal to others that you’re being careful, conscientious and thus safe to be around.

    6. I have nothing against accessorizing in general — I’m a fan. But this is an example of feeding on people’s fears. We didn’t need to accessorize our swine flu masks because we didn’t need to wear swine flu masks in the first place.

    7. Lab Rat says:

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, I think it’s awesome! And it’s human nature; if the apocolypse is coming, you at least want to look good for it 🙂

    8. Janne says:

      It’s granted that any fashion of any kind is irrational if viewed in a utilitarian light (and disregarding the bit about people wanting to procreate).
      But given that humanity is fashion conscious, how is this a bad thing, exactly? How is it different from having a cool canvas bag to put your grocery paper bags in, or using a bandanna to cover a lack of hair for that matter?
      I had a big problem with my right wrist some years ago, and for the acute phase I needed a wrist support to continue to work (time and theses wait for no man). I deliberately chose a black and red nylon support that cost twice the standard-issue beige thing. I didn’t want to look at that disgusting hospital-beige slowly turning grimy and gray for months if I could help it.
      If anything, in fact, having medical stuff be made with some concern for visual design ought to be important. Patients are ill, out of their depth in a completely foreign world, and in a position of utmost dependency on their doctors and caregivers. Anything that can retain a bit of human dignity and self-respect would help people cope with the situation.
      If it gets to the point where wearing a mask is recommended I would certainly spring for something like this.

    9. Doobie does come with with tie-dye mask, but requires additional Mask for Nasal Insertion.
      HAHAHAHAHAH! It fits all nostril diameters!

    10. I think it will be a bestseller in our times…

    11. Curt Fischer says:

      I think these guys came up with the concept first*, and yes, they have a pig snout mask.
      *If not first, then at least before N95.

    12. humorix says:

      In when condoms ‘Louis Vuiton’? Or the catalytic pots from ‘ McDo ‘?

    13. Michael says:

      These are already being sold at the New Yankee Stadium, along with $8.00 hot dogs, $6.50 peanuts, $10.00 beer, and front row seats for $2,650 each. Those in the expensive seats get a complementary replacement mask in the 7th inning. The price of the first mask is $ 75.00 no matter where you are sitting.

    14. Skloot says:

      Clearly there is a hole in the market for us to fill. I can’t *believe* they didn’t make one that looks like a pig nose. I mean, really …

    15. Arikia says:

      You missed the hipster variation, the mustache mask.

    16. Ed Yong says:

      There really ought to be one that looks like a pig snout…

    17. Skloot says:

      Doobie does come with with tie-dye mask, but requires additional Mask for Nasal Insertion
      And yeah, sorry … been totally M.I.A. because I had a major deadline for my book: Fully revised by May 1st. Plus end of semester, launch of XX, etc. Excessive down time is definitely not the plan!

    18. Sklooty! Where the fuck you been!?!?!?
      Does the tie dye mask come with a fucking doobie?

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