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    April 2, 2009

    Skloot’s Tips for Successful Book Reviewing


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    Foxy Critic Small.jpgAfter seven happy years serving as a vice president, I have just finished my second term on the National Book Critics Circle board of directors.  While I was on the board, I put together a document  of tips for breaking into book reviewing called, Strategies for Breaking in and Staying in:  Getting started as a critic, building your reviewing portfolio, going national, and keeping editors happy.  It’s no longer available on the NBCC’s website, and I’ve gotten quite a few requests for it recently, so I’ve posted it here for those interested.

    I put these tips together a few years ago — if
    folks stumble across broken links that need fixing, please let me know
    and I’ll update.  And do post any tips I didn’t think of in the
    comments section below.

    I’m sure I’ll run for the
    NBCC board again at some point in the future. As you’ll see in the tips
    document, if you’re interested in book reviewing, I highly recommend

    (Props to Elaine Vitone for helping me put together this tips document.  And to Anik McGrory, who drew the Fox Critic image above — which I’ve always adored — for the original Critical Mass blog.)

    7 Responses to “Skloot’s Tips for Successful Book Reviewing”

    1. Diane G. says:

      Thanks for the fix! Safely filed away in my “Writing” folder now.

    2. frMerkez says:

      Good document 🙂

    3. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve just uploaded it onto an HTML page instead of a PDF, and the links work fine now. It’s here

    4. Danimal says:

      Not just you. Links in pdf do not work.

    5. Diane G. says:

      Is it just me, or are the hotlinks in the pdf not working for anyone?

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