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    January 14, 2009

    Culture Dish on the Road

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    Yesterday was the first day I was able to post since the ScienceBlogs upgrade because of glitches in the system.  Now I’m headed off to Durham, NC, until Sunday.  More below the jump:

    I’ll be visiting a Duke science journalism class and speaking about my book at a Women in Science and Engineering event on Friday.  Then Saturday I’ll be at the ScienceOnline09 conference talking about Archive Post - Oldies But Goodies.jpgblogging
    and breaking into print publication.  I’ll post from the road if there
    are any breaking developments related to the assistance creature story I wrote for the New York Times Magazine, which I’ve been doing regular follow ups on here
    But otherwise, I’ll start with what will be ongoing occasional posts
    from the Culture Dish archives (which it turns out can’t be imported
    here because of incompatibilities between this system and Blogger). 
    You’ll know then when you see them because this “Oldies But Goodies”
    icon will appear somewhere in the post.  Happy reading.

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